Center of Mass in F360 - any way to add to sketch?

Has anyone figured a way to easily carry the Center of Mass indicator from the Utilities tab back to a sketch?

I want to be able to use it to position holes for hanging signs. Basically, mark the COM then draw a vertical line to the top and bottom of the sign to position the holes to hold the sign straight.

As far as I can tell, you have to Extrude to find COM, which finishes the sketch.

Can you project the indicator on to the sketch? You may need to create a second sketch as the indicator wouldn’t exist earlier in time.

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I’ll give that a try later today. Thanks for the idea.

I did find this:

So the answer is “No, but yes.” You can set a sketch point to intersect the Center of Mass, but it won’t dynamically track changes.


Tom, great find, none-the-less. I was going to try and find this. Thanks for doing it.

I was working with this and a sketch has no weight so a hole does not lighten the object in that area.

I know you don’t want to finish the sketch but all you need to do is right click on the sketch and left click on “Edit Sketch” and you are right back in edit mode. When you edit the sketch and then the body, the center of gravity moves dynamically.

Now I cut the second hole and the Center of Gravity moved without me doing anything to it.

Now you decide you want to put holes in-line with the center of gravity so you “Create a New Sketch” and pick the body. If you close the body out, you lose the center of gravity marker. Now it won’t snap to the center of gravity but you can zoom in and place a point on the C of G and create a line vertically. I created another line vertically the opposite direction. I then place two 3/8 inch holes on the line.

I delete both of the vertical lines and extrude cut the holes into the body.

The holes are in-line with the center of gravity.

I am not sure if that would work in your application but it definitely needs the body to work.


Wow. I am coming to realize that I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of Fusion360’s capabilities. The things I learn from you guys.


Believe me, I feel I am in the same boat.