Castors on the Crossfire XR

Received Crossfire XR Friday afternoon, started assembly over the weekend. Installed 4" 600-pound capacity castors to leveling pads. Castors will support 2400 pounds. Bought the castors at Menards.

I didn’t use the goop sealant that Langmuir supplied for water table, I bought a tube of Loctite pl marine adhesive. Assembly is going smooth , everything fits well so far.


Cleanest caster setup I have seen so far. Nice job!

We ship PL marine and marine goop interchangeably- both work exceptionally well for the job.

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I have used the pl and 3m over the years on boats with great results, I have never used the goop so didn’t want to chance it.

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Thank you, I built a steel tube roller frame with castors to set my crossfire pro on. The crossfire XR has a sturdy leg and support system over the pro so was able to weld the castors directly to leveling pads.

Where does this cable go? don’t see it in assembly.

I am missing IHS cable as well, sent email.

Finally got back to XR table, almost ready for first cut. Ran xr break in file no binds or problems with table.


I bought casters from McMaster Carr that thread directly into the frame in place of the feet. They lock to keep the table from moving. If I remember correctly, it’s metric thread for the stud.


@Tvessels Is it just the picture or is the caster stem at an angle from torque on factory nut? How is this working for you? Looking at doing the same.

@rat196426 Any issue with the table moving during quick movements since the casters don’t have brakes on them? How has this worked out?

No issues with the castors, table doesn’t move when cutting. Table rolls nice when I move it to sweep floor, rigid set up.

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Must just be the picture. Made sure it was level and tightened up jam nuts on caster stems. It’s been great. They do have brakes and with all 4 applied the table doesn’t move enough to affect cut quality. Although a lot of what I cut is slower due to thicker material, but have run some at 140 ipm for 10 GA.

They do have brakes and I apply all 4 when using the table.