Castors on the Crossfire XR

Received Crossfire XR Friday afternoon, started assembly over the weekend. Installed 4" 600-pound capacity castors to leveling pads. Castors will support 2400 pounds. Bought the castors at Menards.

I didn’t use the goop sealant that Langmuir supplied for water table, I bought a tube of Loctite pl marine adhesive. Assembly is going smooth , everything fits well so far.


Cleanest caster setup I have seen so far. Nice job!

We ship PL marine and marine goop interchangeably- both work exceptionally well for the job.

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I have used the pl and 3m over the years on boats with great results, I have never used the goop so didn’t want to chance it.

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Thank you, I built a steel tube roller frame with castors to set my crossfire pro on. The crossfire XR has a sturdy leg and support system over the pro so was able to weld the castors directly to leveling pads.

Where does this cable go? don’t see it in assembly.

I am missing IHS cable as well, sent email.

Finally got back to XR table, almost ready for first cut. Ran xr break in file no binds or problems with table.