Casters on the XR

Do you see adding casters, or wheels, to the XR as a possibility like some did for the Crossfire Pro? Or is the XR a different beast? I have my order in for the XR and was wondering about it.

You can put wheels on anything. Except money, it already comes with wings.


My money is rocket propelled.

The frame is plenty stiff to support the use of good heavy duty casters. However, you’ll want some that you can quickly adjust so that you can keep the water level, well, level.

I would never think about putting wheels on a 4’x8’ CNC table. It would be a real PITA to try and get level every time you moved it. Then trying to keep water from splashing out. And moving the controls, computer, plasma cutter, etc.

I can level the machine off in about 5 minutes. Depends on how much OP values his 5 minutes versus mobility of his machine.

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Most people are not as talented as you are or have a nice smooth floor to roll it on.

I don’t level things too well but I can make a mountain from a mole hill.

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I plan on plumbing in one of those IBC water tote containers that fits inside a wire pallet. It will be permanently placed under one of my pallet racks. I also plan on using that tote as a heat sink to cool the compressed air before it goes into the air tank. I’ll use an external pump and garden hose to fill the table and a small holding tank then draining the table.

This means if I wanted to add casters/wheels, I could without having to worry about splashing. Not sure if I’ll add wheels or not. My concern is getting the shop full of black stuff from the cutting process.

Well, I am lucky enough to have nice flat floors and the leveling feet/wheel combo thingy. It really makes moving, and leveling, of my Crossfire Pro a lot easier. I usually only have minor adjustments to make in order to get the table level. If at all possible, I would like a heavy duty, locking, leveling wheel.

The other possible option is a pallet Jack lift point, maybe?

@KCRotary - I really like the idea of using one of those totes for holding water. Especially in the winter months when our hoses freeze up. Very cool.

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Resistance is futile!!!

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I do as well. I have my garage floor marked for the 4 casters in cutting position. That way I’m returning it to virtually the same spot each time. That’s the spot where I leveled the table. I haven’t had to re-level despite rolling it in the corner when done and pulling it out when I want to use it. Every large tool I own is on casters of one sort or another because even with room, I often want a different configuration depending on the project.


I’d worry about slosh…unless you’re very careful moving it or drain it when you do.