Casters for the XR

For the lucky ones to be the first to get their tables, can you provide the bolt size of the leveling legs? Or if you add casters can you provide the part number? I would like to get some casters for mine before it shows up.

@langmuir-daniel can you tell us the bolt size? I have looked at the assembly instructions and searched forums but unable to find. Thanks in advance for the support!

The thread size is M20 x 2.5

I went the caster route. The problem I had using the stock location was the height it added to the table. I built some plates and moved the casters to the inside of the legs. It actually lowered the table a couple inches over the stock legs height.

can you post some pics?

I had to flip the front and back rail upside down because the stock bolt was hitting the ground. You can see it in the picture on the top. I used 10G and welded the lip to it. It is very sturdy. I can jump up and down on it and it doesn’t flex. I might add a support rod from the caster bolt to the frame to add a little more support. Once I fill the table I will have and idea if I will need it or not. I used the leveling caster also.


@pwags I wanted to follow up and see how this caster setup worked after filling the bed with water? Looking at doing something similar to my table. thanks!

The casters work perfect with the table filled. I only use half the table so I have only filled one half of the table, but don’t see why there would be a problem if I filled the whole thing. I haven’t moved the table with water in it yet. I need to mount the barrels to the base so it all moves as a single unit.

Thanks for the update. Did you end up adding a support rod for extra rigidity, or is it pretty solid without?

I didn’t add them. It seems to do fine with out them. If you plan on moving it around with water I would recommend adding them due to the extra weight.

OP, would you be willing to tell make, model and supplier you found for your nice leveling casters?


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I found if you create an account add the casters and don’t check out a few days later they will send you a discount code to try and get you you finish your purchase.

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Thanks for that! I will give them a try.