Caster wheels for the pro version

What’s everyone’s choice for caster wheels on the pro?

I use these since I roll my table against the garage wall when not in use.

If you don’t move it alot several folks are using these.

The studs on these don’t match the Crossfire leg holes though so you’ll need to either use a different insert in the leg (someone posted McMaster Carr sourced ones), rethread the stock legs or get studs that are 10mm (Crossfire size) on one half and the caster thread on the other (these are available from auto parts places). I have a set with the studs that I decided not to use because I went with the more traditional red wheel casters instead.

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Thank u very much

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Are the Crossfire Leg threads 10mm? ISTM I’ve seen a version of the caster you’ve posted that has 10mm threads. I’ll see if I can find it later. It’s on a heavier duty caster, maybe 500lb IIRC and might be too expensive, but if the threads match then a simple straight threaded post will do it.

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Yes, 10mm. Those casters had 8mm studs (and holes) so I needed the 10mm to 8mm studs. The bigger set of the same casters for the additional weight had 12mm studs when I looked so you’d need a step down stud. Folks were going with a new insert for the legs or skipping the threaded insert altogether and getting plate versions they were welding to the legs.

The ones I linked say they’re good for 110lb each which should be 440 for the four and the table plus water plus steel I can reasonably lift onto the table are likely under that limit.

The bigger version of these were rated for 600lbs each so they’ll take the table & the half-inch 4x4 plate you might throw on it :grin: but you’ll need different mounting studs.

That’s the other reason I went with the standard red wheel casters. They will bring it up another inch or two as well.

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Whoops, you’re right, I misread it. It said M12 for the stud but I saw the 10mm leveling extent right under it. Dang, I knew it couldn’t be that easy! :wink:

I like your first selection, especially if you get the Total Lock option. I’d like that on all four wheels.

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So, ya’ll got the 3” wheels with the 10mm stems?

I’m definitely getting those lock brakes! I currently have them in my cart and wondering if ya’ll might have some pictures of your set up?

Trying to get it set up at San Jose State University.