Careful! Fragile Limit Switch

Enjoying the assembly of my new XR. I think sharing the experience will help future builders. Im not here to complain. That said the limit switches are very fragile and if one gets damaged very difficult to remove unless you have a child with little baby hands to help. I didn’t!. I had something bend the switch arm, maybe it was the wire so be very careful with them. If I end up having problems down the road I will buy more robust ones and install them so they can be serviced without losing my religion.

The Pic is the bent arm. It actually shaved off the little dimple that held it in place. I meant to upload this pic last time.

I heated a piece of stainless wire and pushed it into the plastic. Seems to be holding.

I had my limit switches on wrong X and Y when I initially was setting it up. To change it took over an hour bc you cant get to the screws. They said they are changing up the screws and directions for this issue. If the limit switches were just pushed down .5" it would be much easier to access them.