Carbonation pump TIG cooler

Decided to switch to a water cooled torch on my TIG setup and realized there was only about $200 worth of parts in a $1000 TIG cooler and the sub $400 units on Amazon don’t hold up. So I made one using a carbonation pump, transmission cooler, PC fan and household plumbing parts. Lots of folks have done this before and the pumps are readily available on Ebay.

The real benefit of the plasma table was cutting the side vents and laying out the control panel without having to measure and drill out all the holes. Wound up costing just over $250 with good electronics and some extra plumbing for the pressure gauge to be front mounted.


That counts as an awesome build :slight_smile:


Very Nice!! Do you have the parts list on this build?

Very cool! I’d been debating getting a cooler for my tig - this is a very interesting setup! Nice work - thanks for sharing it!