Can't stop my torch from firing

Hello, I received my Table a couple of weeks ago (very excited) and just got it together. ran the break-in programs and it worked fine, then on my first cut, the torch would not shut off between the cuts and never did shut off when the cut program was done. I had to stop it by turning off the Plasma cutter power switch. Every time I turned the plasma cutter on it would fire immediately. I searched the forum and found the t2/t4 problem but my Cut50 Pilot-arc does not have this function. I took the on/off cord off and probed it with a multimeter and it probed out with no leaks between wires and along each wire. I then put on my shorter 6’ hand torch and the plasma cutter worked fine manually thus eliminating the plasma cutter. When I put back on the long torch it fires as soon as it is turn on while hooked to the electronics box or when the on/off cord is plugged into the electronics box. I did a lot of reboots but with no success. I was wondering what you think is the problem. Cheers


What plasma cutter is it?

What torch are you using?

Is it the crossfire or the pro table?

It’s a Chinese-made Plasmargon Cut 50 Pilot-arc that I have had for a few years now and it works pretty good and since it says “CNC compatible” on it I thought I might see if it worked well on the table.
The torch has this description, “P-80 Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter Non-Touch Straight Machine Torch for CNC Plasma Cutter (7M long)”. I have a 6ft p-80 hand torch as well which I used to verify that it was not the plasma cutters circuitry causing the problem.
I have the Crossfire Pro Table.

Good luck, your going to have lots of trouble because its a High Frequency plasma cutter. The Langmuir pro does not like HF much.

Thanks mechanic416 for your reply.
I am sure this plasma cutter is not High Frequency. I bought the one that they advertised as not HF and had Pilot-arc. I have also read and is my understanding that the HF machines cause the computers to reset thus stopping the cut somewhere during the running of the cut, but my problem is it won’t shut off at all.

Well I got a little news for you. The plasma cutter is HF and the torch (p80) is also HF. Just because it has pilot arc does not make it a non HF plasma cutter.

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That little news is not good news for me. But thanks for replying and helping.
I am wondering how you know that this is a HF cutter and torch. Is there a link to a site you can send me to get good information on these? I would like to see this info before I go spend 1K+ on a new machine. The Tosense brand has 2 cutters that look similar but one is “cut 50HF” (high frequency) and the one I have is the “cut 50P” (pilot arc). Now that I have searched more for a few more hours, it is conspicuously absent in their literature whether my cutter is HF so any info you can send along is very much appreciated. I see what you are saying on some other brands that " just because it has pilot arc does not make it a non HF plasma cutter". Cheers

I tend to believe @mechanic416 - George is in the business. He makes his living on plasma and welding machines and such.

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Cool, and I don’t mean to come across rudely, I just wanted to know because I was under the strong impression when I bought it that it was not HF that’s all. I feel mislead by the manufacturer and so I wanted to see where it was stated. No offence meant in anyway.
My excitement for using the table has been grounded. Cheers

This is why I believed I had a non-high frequency plasma cutter as it says in the ad title. This is my exact plasma cutter.
Is this cutter falsely labelled or is it just a guess that it is a HF plasma cutter. I don’t know now and I still have my problem that I need to chase down.

P80 Plasma cutting torch Pilot Arc Starting with 5M hose
Suitable for 80Amp Plasma Cutters and Tig/Plasma combination machines such as the LGK60 LGK80 LGK100 models.

Techincal Data
Current: 80 Amp
Duty Cycle: 60%
Gas: Air
Gas Pressure: 4.5-5.0 Bar
Gas Flow:2200LPM
Ignition: HF
Post Flow: 80sec. Recommended
Standard Length: 5M

P80 Torch Plasma Cutting Torch Pilot Arc Hf Plasma Cutter For Air Cooled Plasma

Can be used in high frequency contact 60A-120A following up of air plasma arc cutting machine series products, high-frequency air plasma is suitable for various brands of 60A-120A following cutting machine. The P-80 High Frequency AIR Plasma Cutter Torch cutting 40MM thick plate under the current of 120A.

The Brand of Machine would be Rilon, Riland, Jasic, Mitech, Chiry, UNT, Krypton, Longetivity, Berlan and so on .

These torches for Plasma cutting machines such as CUT-100, CUT-120, CUT-80, CUT-60, LGK-60, LGK-80, LGK100, LGK-120

1 PCS P-80 High Frequency AIR Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc Torch Head

Excellent info there, I see the p-80 torch is indeed HF. I know mechanic416 has spent a lot of time with me on this issue however, I am curious if the torch is giving off HF or if the torch can be used with a non-HF Plasma Cutter? Does it mean the torch uses HF to ignite it? I just trying to understand and get to the bottom of my problem. Cheers

The plasma ignition method is totally different between a HF and Blowback mechanism. Torches & Cutters would not be interchangeable.

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