Cant produce toolpath

What is going on with Fusion today? This is not a very complicated toolpath. For some reason it keeps getting stuck at 67%! I have tried multiple times, and even completely reproduced the entire drawing. Anybody else having these issues today? Seems like these latest rounds of updates have been more of a pain in the ass than anything!

Only thing that comes to mind is lead in and or leadout may be to big for the skinny letters. Or angle wont fit within the bounderies.

I used to do that. Now I just figure Fusion is going to do what it’s going to do, I don’t know what it thinks is complicated or not and my time is worth more than trying to figure out why it won’t do something.

For this sign I’d create 3 toolpaths - one for the outer outline cut, one for the graphics (bone, paw prints) and then one for the letters. I can post-process them together (the same setup) so it doesn’t change what I do with Mach - just makes things simpler for Fusion.

If you want to get it done, break up the toolpaths. If you want to know why it doesn’t work with a single toolpath, carry on.

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This is exactly what I did. I’m quickly growing tired of fusion.

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Try what @jamesdhatch said, I’ve had this same problem on something that should have been a slam dunk and had to break it into 3 different tool paths to get it to work, when I tried the single path it would get stuck at some % and never move on :frowning:

Fusion seems to get real weird about the linking and leads settings, to the point where it will drop portions of the cut path due to it’s “conservative” constraints, that don’t seem to make sense. When this type of crap happens w Fusion I tend to just go start arbitrarily dropping down my settings to smaller increments and retrying the single tool path or I’ll break it into multiples and that tends to work.

I agree, it can be frustrating.

Jimt, yeah the tool path should still gen - but omit the smaller details.
But, my guess its something in the settings that can be hosing it. back-off to something more like defaut values. and just enough stuff to complete all the paths.