Cant modify / scale/copy/rotate imported worldmap DXF. files SOLVED > (select edit sketch > highlight sketch hit fix/unfix)

i have few dxf i cANT modify /rotate/scale etc once its imported to F360
one of them being world map
im trying to make it 1/2 size

what im i doing wrong ?
it will scale but leaves corner in same position and distort the map

Is the map image vector or an embedded bitmap?

DXF from fireshare

its the map the girl in video is making

The World Map that’s a cutout mounted on a stained wood panel?

highlight the map first before selecting the scale. I was able to scale it by 0.5 this way. I can repost it if you need me to.

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yes thats the one

ok i was able to scale by .5 but if you make it larger some lines wont move and will distort the map