Cant get it to move

I finally got the razor cut 45. I hooked it all up and I cant get anything to move. I had it moving before I hooked up the plasma cutter. I downloaded the software like the video said. Is there a phone number beside the one on the website I can call?

?Langmuir does not offer phone support for anything other than the new XR table.

we can help you…but we need to know information…

plasma: Razor cut 45
Table : Pro or not
Torch Height control?
software for design?
software for post processing?
let us try this top start

Toolboy thank you for getting back to me.
Razor cut 45 -yes
It’s a pro
It told me to download Mach3 loader and firecontrol and fusion 360

you need to use firecontrol, NOT mach3. mach3 was for the older original crossfires.

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nicaDd is right…yiou have the wrong software loaded…
delete all traces of Mach3
fusion360 is one of the available softwares for design and post process
it can be confusing…you might want to look at the software section or search software on the forum to get an idea of what else there is for design.
as for post processing…you have Sheetcam which is a stand alone software or you can go back to fusion360 and do it there…

if you afre only doing 2D designs like signs and graphics…and are new to this I would recomend shettcam and the free design software of Inkscape…

Fire control is what the table uses once you have drawn and post processed your design.

Ok guys I got it to move again. now this programming thing is new to me ,so I hope I don’t annoy anyone with all my questions.

can someone help me please? I got everything working. I’m trying to make a gift for my mom and the program isn’t cutting right. the tool path works good, but the torch is ether touching the sheet or stops firing altogether. I do have a waring sing but it let my cut out 1 peace. I had to change the letter size on that 1. but I have gone through a full sheet trying to get 1 peace by Friday. can I send the post code to someone to take a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong please?

Can someone help please I have been trying to cut out a gift for my mom. the tool path looks good but the torch is either hitting the sheet or is not firing .can someone look at my program and tell me what I am doing wrong I need to have this gift done by Friday. I have already gone through a sheet trying to figure it out.

I know zero about Fusion…but if you can message me the svg file and I can post process it for you…so that Firecontrol can cut it

That would be amazing do you want me to sent it through hear or di you have an email I can send It to?

I just tried to upload it to hear but it says new members can’t upload things. so if you message me at I should be able to send it to you.