Cant get into fire share?

I’m logged into langmuir but when i go to fireshare it tells me to register! what am i doing wrong? thanks Joe

The Forum and FireShare do not share account information. If you have not created an account on FireShare before, then you will need to register a new account on FireShare, even if you have a Forum account.

thank you for the info!

i see the file i want to cut on fireshare and downloaded both the svg and dfx
can i take them into fusion? to see what they are set up to cut?

If the files are SVG and/or DXF, they are not set up to cut at all. The only file formats that are ready to cut are .nc and .tap.

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You can import SVG and DXF files into Fusion 360. From there, you will need to do the CAM work to create a toolpath, and post processing to create a G-code that is compatible with FireControl. I recommend watching video 5 about importing files in the CAD section of our Fusion 360 tutorials, then watching the whole CAM section:

i did try to upload them both to fusion to cam work but they wont even upload to fusion.

ok i will watch them again to see what i’m missing. the wont even upload into fusion.