Cant edit sketch in fusion 360

i have been working on a sketch and ive been able to right click on the base feature it does let me click edit sketch but when i create a line or another shape i am unable to cut it or other lines that i wish to cut or delete out from the last time i worked on the sketch

also forgot to mention i went and created a new sketch and made a few lines and circles and stuff to see if i could cut them to see if it was just the program or something but it worked just perfectly fine, so anybody know what i got going on?

in fusion360 you can layer sketches on top of sketches.
Right click then “edit sketch profile” should allow you to edit the existing sketch. sounds like there may be more the one sketch ,object, layer or component there.
under your browser drop bar (left side screen) check your sketches file and check if your selecting the right one to edit.
you can also right click “edit sketch profile” here . this will help you select the sketch you want.