Cannot upload file on firecontrol

Hi everyone,

I am having issues trying to upload a job to fire control. I am using a Mac laptop along with fusion360. I created a tool path, added a tool and generated my g code. I installed the post processor as instructed. When I go to upload to firecontrol I can see the job but I cannot open it. I am new to this so it can be something simple I have forgotten. Any help would be appreciated thank you!

We will need some screenshots of what you’re doing. I’d have to ask too many clarifying questions to drill on the on the problem.

You don’t upload the job file to firecontrol. You upload the g code.

Ok I’ll send you a few screenshots. I know that the g code is saving under TextEdit I don’t know if that’s the problem?..



If your post processed file of code is the “3310” that is what goes into firecontrol. You have to import it into firecontrol from firecontrol.

Just confirming, you installed the post processor into fusion? Looking at the top of your Goode I’m not sure you did. *nevermind I checked one of my own.

Does it have a .tap extension? It should. If not add that to it and try again. I’m pretty sure they open in notepad bu default.

As @brownfox stated! You will be looking for a file with the .TAP or .NC extensions, these are the Code files that you need. When I look at my files the part file has a small rocket ship next to it. My Code files are all .NC. And yes notepad opens them. You can left click once on the file, then right click and open with and select notepad. In FireControl, at the top you should see the Green folder, click on it, find the file you want 3310 with the .TAP or .NC, double left click on it and it should open in the visualizer. Save all your Code files in their own folder to make things easy. After you save to the Code folder once it will use it as default.

Got it to go! Thanks fellas!