Cannot fire the torch from within Fire Control

Scenario : Ran a program that cut several pieces. Left the stuff running. went to program some more pieces. Loaded new program, plasma fired once, and then no more. Plasma itself is good, I can manually fire it by shorting the plasma connection or by the trigger on the torch. I “think” I can hear a click when I use manual in the fore-control.

Haven’t popped the cover yet. What is your guess? The machine about brand new. Has maybe 15 minute total run time.

I’m using a Miller 380 plasma (older machine)


did the miller throw a error?

did fire control throw a error?

some members have had some issues with this machine

if the relay clicks I would be looking at the miller

TW, thanks for the quick reply. No error that I saw. The plasma still runs, just no torch. I actually finished the pieces by manually triggering the torch, not the best result I might add but I’m thru. I’ll pull the cover on the plasma control and have a look.

you are welcome

Search “380” above and read though a few of those post.

Please to add any more details or events to this topic as they happen and we will get this sort out soon.

in the mean time

Check your consumables

Increase your pierce delay.

Read this topic

Make sure the torch firing wire is fully plugged into the electronics control box.

OK guys, looks like I found the problem, don’t know the extend of the injury yet. I only had time to pull the cover off the electronics box. I pinched the black wire coming from the power supply to the same plug the plasma attach wires come out of, I pinched the wire under the center box mount screw… Old eyes & black box & black wire, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. I’ll check for continuity after I repair offending area on the wire. It did work until yesterday, guess it got hot and melted through, hopefully I didn’t damage the relay or other components… Keep you posted, I’ll try to fix it tomorrow after work.