Canadian broker required at border…

Hi everyone, my name is Ken and I build hot rods, custom cars and trucks up here in BC Canada. I need some advice as to what any other Canadians have done, I just got a call that my Langmuir Pro is at the border and I need to find a broker because of the value of it. How did ant other of you Guys in Canada handle the broker situation?

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If I recall correctly when my shipment made it to the border (heading to Vancouver Island) it didn’t require a separate broker. I think mine was UPS and they just gouged me for for the extra fees which I paid online. But that was over a year ago so maybe shipping has changed since then.

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I had the same experience as @bobdobqb . UPS called me and offered their brokerage services. I gave to my credit card info and they charge me for that expense. If I remember I think it was $250 on the pro table for brokerage.