Can you tell what the font is once its exploded?

Just like the title says, I have a font that has been exploded in a old drawing and I am trying to find out what font I used. Is there anyway to do that? there is no time line

You could try taking a screenshot of your drawing with the font. And then, try out a website like this to try and identify the font you used…


Ya I looked into that, but this is one of those fonts that changes considerably once exploded.

Huh… Didn’t know they changed much after exploding… Learn something new every day!! Do you have a screenshot anyways?

Well I did it hard way and keep trying different ones and found it. It is called Gabriola
you can try it and see how much different it looks once exploded.

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How many different pieces did it explode into? I’m surprised you were able to tell they were letters :joy:

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