Can you set soft limits?

can you set soft limits so when jogging you cant run to the max interference limit (ie hit the bolt or end of travel) ?

mach3 does support soft limits. I know a lot of people use them for their mill but not sure how it works exactly. I’m curious to know also if the soft limit is saved every time you power cycle? Or if you have to jog to that limit, set it as soft, cut, return to that limit, power down and next time you power up you have to set that limit again.

I have not tried this yet but assume if this works you would have to verify the setting and position after power cycle or closing the program.

I have been looking at this as well. Is it as simple as clicking on “CONFIG” -> “Homing/Limits” and deselecting “REVERSED” for X & Y? Or putting a -0.01 in the X & Y for a limit?? I might just tinker with this some.

Use Them!!!

I have mine set for 0 to 25"X and 0 to 23.04"Y, the .04 is so it lands on an even mm using metric g code.

My 0,0 origin stays the same for all projects so this is a really handy feature so that i do not ram the gantry into the ends and slip the nut. I am unsure of how they work if you set the origin in the center of the table and the gcode is outside the limits.

Limits really helps you squeeze every last millimeter out of this table!

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