Can’t get fusion 360 to open

Got a new Lenovo laptop and just ordered crossfire pro. Got fire control downloaded and opened. Downloaded Autodesk fusion 360. The free hobby version but it won’t open. Have windows 11. It says expired subscription read only. Sign in failure

did you have a paid subscripition in the past?

No sir. New to all of this

Try going thru this process, if you have not done it yet:

You might have enrolled in the “free trial”. Totally different Fusion 360 program.

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Yes sir. Have went through the link. Signed in and everything. Still comes up the same thing

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They are obviously using different menus and webpages as they have their new subscriptions and deleted the startup category.

I researched this not long ago and even if you paid for a subscription, they will allow people to move down to the hobby/personal use category and even keep use of you files on their server (provided that you still use the same sign on credentials).

The only reason I explain that is they will probably help you if you contact them. When you find out what the issue was, I hope you tell us about it!? :wink:

Talked with their support team today and they tried for an hour or so to figure it out and said they would do some research and get back with me tomorrow