Can someone assist with Titanium 45A fault F05!

I recently bought a Titanium 45A from Harbor Freight and I wired the torch on PIN 1 & 2. When I plug it into the plasma table and turn it ON, the cutter displays a fault F05 meaning the torch triggered before machine is turned ON. In the manual they said the torch trigger is stuck or is triggered when turning the machine ON. They suggested that I turn OFF the machine and ensure the torch trigger is reset. I tried to unplug the cutter from the table control and turn the plasma cutter ON; it works fine. As soon as I plugged it back to the table the fault reappear. Does that mean the control box is the problem? I also tried to run a G-code with the fault F05 in the display. The table will move to the locations but won’t fire the torch. Can someone please help!

Could it be that the harbor freight unit uses a normally closed circuit that it opens to trigger the torch rather than the reverse? I’m sure someone else here has one and would know for sure.

Did you use a multimeter to test continuity on the switch before wiring the torch trigger as per steps 1 and 2 of the torch wiring assembly instructions?

Yes, I used a multimeter and I had continuity in PIN 1 and 2 when the trigger is depress.

Pins 1 and 2 (short pins) are the trigger pins. Check the wires at the controller and make sure they are not shorted some were.