Can I Use SheetCam with FireControl?

newbie question here and i need to buy some sort of program and everyone i talk to who does metal work uses sheetcam. I really like fire control but im not sure if this will work with? Do i have to use Mach 3? or is this even do able?

Thanks for any feedback!

If you have FireControl, because you have a new CrossFire, then Mach 3 won’t even work with your controller.

Re SheetCam, that works with pretty much everything. You just need the right post processor to get the right output and there is a FireControl Post Processor that you can download from this website.


awesome that’s exactly what I was asking! I really like FireControl! but I can use sheet cam to generate my tool paths with the add on that’s on the downloads page? happen to know of any video on this?

pretty sure i did the download and post parts right.

I don’t think there’s a video on installing the post processor to SheetCam, but the steps are simple and the instructions clear enough.

Re videos on using SheetCam, yeah, there are lots with the best being from ArcLight Dynamics. Very clear and thorough.

yup i figured it out langmuir had clear directions once i found them trying my first thing to cut in sheetcam

if i purchase sheetcam today from langmuir will i get the liscense code on a weekend?

Um, the holdup will be most likely from UK where the licenses are controlled and distributed. You might have it Monday morning if LG gets it out this weekend.

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it came threw in 15 min so i cant complain!!