Can I use Longevity 7 pin connector for trigger control?

My longevity 40D has a 7 pin connector inline with the two pin trigger connector. Am I able to use or splice into this versus opening the machine?

Are you saying the two pins coming off longevity or in that connector that you need to use to fire the torch? Then yes, you can put on a two pin connector on that or just access the wires to wire Into the Fire Control system.

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Question: Are you also trying to wire the VIM box? That requires either the direct voltage (1:1) or a divided voltage access (which might be available in that pin arrangement.)

The Torch on/off will go from the plasma cutter to this location “Torch on/off” on the enclosure:

If you are asking about the THC wiring then you will need to connect the appropriate wires from your cutter to this VIM:

And then it travels to the enclosure box to the “THC” port.

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My plasma cutter has a trigger control which is a two pin connector that plugs in separate from the air hose. The seven pin connector I showed you is wired to the two pin connector as well kind of in series and it is not used. can i just leave the two pin connector alone and tap in the same two wires that are in the seven pin connector?


Thank you. I cant wait to get this all started. And to answer your question, no im not referring to the thc box. Im just to figure out how to wire the trigger control a little easier.

At about 1:50 in the video. The same two wires from the 2 pin go to the 7 pin connector and are the only wires in the 7 pin connector. I was thinking i could splice to those and have the trigger control.

I hate chopping up factory cords, but if that is what you need to do to get your torch to run on the table, go to it.

Beats tapping into the plug panel inside the power supply to get to the two terminals for the trigger if you are using a hand torch.

You might want to verify first. My Hypertherm will not fire the hand torch through the CNC port. Must be a machine torch. READ - If you are using a hand torch on the Crossfire, make sure it will fire off those two pins in the CNC port.

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Just pick up a new 7 pin plug (ebay or amozon) and use it.


Thanks sticks. That is what I was thinking. I did not want to open the box and have two wires just hanging out.

That was the plan to get a 7 pin connector male side and use it to plug into the existing plug.

Thanks again folks.