Can I setup a tool for each metal type?

Can a tool be setup for each individual metal type?
tool 1 - 16 guage
tool 2 - 1/4 plate
tool 3 - 3/16
tool 4 - aluminum 3/16
each with the parameters that works best…

still working on my cut quality…

Yes they can! Plus more characters

You can if you want to, I have two set up, one for 30 (.035) amp tip and one for the 40 (.060) amp nozzle.
I think it would make more sense to have one for each nozzle and if the your kirfs are wider on aluminum or stainless have a different tool for each of them.

that is the way I do it. Each type of metal each type of thickness gets it’s own tool. That way I can tune the speeds and feed for each. you can also setup a tool for holes that has a slower feed rate so they hold tolerance better.

Indeed. I have 30 of them defined - all the common metal thicknesses from 22ga up thru 3/8" for stainless, mild steel and aluminum.

I just use the tool that matches the material and I’m off & running.

Thanks folks for your answers…

Now I know I’m on the right track


will you share what you have ? Thank you.

Mine are for the Hypertherm 45 (& a couple for the Razorweld 45). I don’t think I can export the definitions but I took the cut charts that Hypertherm provides in their manual and just copied the parameters in the tool setup screen.

Thank You! For your time. Happy cutting.

This sounds like what I need to get setup. My table, XR, just arrived, but I won’t get time to set it up for another week or two. I thought I might go ahead and try to get a library set up for the Hypertherm 65 Sync. So if someone has suggested starting points that work well for them, I would dearly love to have that. No use starting from Zero if I don’t have to.

Thanks for listening…


I suggest making tools as you need them. It takes longer to open the Hypertherm manual to the cut charts then it does to create a new tool.

no sense cluttering up your library with a bunch of settings you will never use.

@Danl Welcome to the Forum.

I’ll do a quick live stream to show the workflow. in about 10 minutes from now. i need a tea first

here is your manual for reference


I have said this before and I will keep preaching it, after setting up the tools, take some time and learn fusion templates…I have a templates for each type of metal as well. It saves a TON of time and it much faster and better (as you have already set all the manufacturing parameters as you like them for special cases) than just the tool selection can accomplish.

e.g. small holes…speed reduction is set up…proper lead in and lead outs etc are all done.


@djlois I totally agree.

When somebody knows how to make a tool and they also know how to create toolpath in the 2D profile menu, the next best step if you’re using those presets often is constructing a template.

Having templates for single line geometry or proper hole lead ins or basically other every other situation is a huge time saver in the long run.


Sorry had to be gone for a couple days… Thanks this was very helpful. I will start setting up a couple of tools.

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