Can I order right now?

Hi everybody, i see batch two has already closed, however, we can still order right now for a $200 discount?

just looking to clarify if i am able to order right now with the $200 dollar discount at $1,295 still even though batch 2 has already closed? Also if i order right now will still receive it in December.

My understanding is that until they’re no longer on backorder the price will be down.


As long as the website is open for orders, you can place an order! Thanks!

Orders placed now will ship from our facility in December ( no exact date yet).

but will my order still ship in nov?

If you ordered at a time when the website said “Orders placed now will ship in Nov”, then yes, it will still ship by Nov 30th. If you ordered/order at time when the website says “Orders placed now will ship in December” - then those order will ship from us in December! Thanks!

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