Can I get fine cuts (Metal Art) from HT45xt

I intend to cut thin metals (metal art) but still want to cut up to 1/2" thick. Can I get the same cut with a 45xp as with a 30xp? In other words, should I give up thick metal cutting for a better thin metal cut with a smaller machine?



“The T30v (Powermax30) 30 amp consumables will have a shorter life when
used on the T45v. However, they provide optimum cut quality for certain applications.”

“When cutting thin metal (3 mm/10 Ga or thinner), you may achieve a higher cut quality by using the T30v (Powermax30)
30 A consumables and cut charts”

Manual link

After I upgraded from my Everlast 60s which actually was a very decent machine. I bought an powemax 85 which has been serving me very well in the crossfire pro.
Unless I’m running material thinner than 18 gauge I don’t even bother using Finecuts.

Is a tenth of a 16th of kerf width savings worth it?

If you want a smaller machine hypertherm 45 XP is a great choice.

Make sure it has a CPC port and buy it with the 180 machine torch.

Here are the consumables available.

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Well, I will called the Crossfire Pro down in Lakeside last week. Me and the missus made a weekend of it. Hung out at Balboa Park on Sunday. The auto museum had an international display of motor cycles. Caught a little Bohemian Rhapsody on the pipe organ.

Picked up Powermax 45XP on the way home.

The city signed off rough wiring on upgraded service panel this week. Why they put a 125 amp panel on a 2500 foot house I’ll never know.

Will place an order for QT54 tomorrow.

Hope to make some expensive Christmas gifts.


The first one is really expensive. All the rest are free :grinning: That’s what I tell my wife anyway.



On “normal” every day cutting; probably not.
If doing very intricate artwork; it might allow you another level of detail.

I gotta use that one. :sunglasses: