Can a High frequency plasma cutter be used around a table?


I have a Everlast blowback maching to use for my crossfire pro, but that only has a machine torch. I also have an old ESAB thats high frequency with a hand torch. Is it safe to use the ESAB near the crossfire pro as long as its completly powered down? Ive had this concern for a wile and the ESAB isnt even in the same shop right now cause of it, but id like it to be. I guess I have the same question for if I get a HF TIG welder

Any help would be great, Thank you!

I tig weld during programs all the time without any effect. I guess it would depend on how close to the table you are talking about

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I have my tig welder with high frequency start about 3 feet from my table. It hasn’t caused any problems in the last two years.