CAM toolpath avoiding potential tip-up collision?

I’ve seen a few videos where the air path seems to avoid pre-cut sections, presumably to prevent potential collision with tip-ups. Was this possible in fusion360? I’m new to plasma cutting (picking up my crossfire table tommorrow!), but I’ve been using fusion360 CAM for CNC mills for the last 3 years and I don’t see where I could set that up. Is it some other CAM package?

Yes it is! Look up the ‘keep nozzle down’ function in Fusion 360. Not a single part has been cut on my personal CrossFire without using a KND tool path for tip-up avoidance.


Awesome, looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

Was wondering what “keep nozzle down” meant. Awesome!

Use “a large value” in Daniel’s words (one of the videos) to set this - I use the 24" that he used in his video.

I’m still waiting for my THC parts to come in but I got my first cuts working today! Totally awesome machine… Anybody know if there’s a good way to tell whether fusion will cut on the inside/outside from looking at those red arrows which seem to point random directions? It was ok for simple patterns, but it was a nightmare when I had a larger pattern with complex geometry, I had to keep going back and forth from generating the toolpath and editing, and worst of all sometimes fusion refused to let me edit the arrows.

Check out a program available for free: NC corrector… Very nice Gcode editor, and loads the gcode almost instantly with visual graphics!