CAM software question

Does anyone know if the Carbide Create CAM program (for a SHAPEOKO CNC) will accomplish the same as Sheetcam. ultimately trying to avoid the need for a PC solely to run sheet cam…
Any takers?

I don’t understand the connection here, is your Carbide Cam program on a non-Windows platform?
Oh, and welcome to the crew!

Yes… it runs on a Mac.
I gather sheet cam is a layout and tool path builder to generate Gcode for the CFPro.
I feel like I could use illustrator/fusion etc to set up for carbide create to generate the Goode, to run the Firecontrol…
I’m waiting patiently for my final box and piecing the process together in my mind

Ok, so if you’re getting a Gen 2 CrossFire then you’ll probably have to tweak a GRBL postprocessor for your CAM tool. The problem could be whether you have control of key Plasma Cutting parameters like:
Pierce Delay,
Pierce Height,
Cut Height,
Enable/Disable THC
Perform IHS operation before each cut.

Kerf compensation and cutting direction are straightforward, it’s this other stuff that makes a difference.

Having modified several postprocessors, this isn’t hard to do, but if you’ve never done it before OR your CAM tool doesn’t have a convenient means to make this mods then you may end up pushing on a rope.

Or a chain! Ever try to push one of those?

You can generate the GCode right within Fusion360. There is no requirement for Sheetcam. Some of us just prefer it even if we use Fusion360 for CAD.