Calling on Everlast 62i users

Hey guys new poster here and soon to be owner of a Crossfire Pro (finally convinced the wife lol).

I’ve used a few different brands of plasma cutters over the years through work etc. and have settled on getting an Everlast 62i for myself, seems to meet my cutting requirements and budget the best.

I just have one question in regards to the machine, Everlast lists the hand torch length as being 14’ but Langmuir recommends minimum 16’, anybody here running with the 14’ hand torch? Is this going to be an issue? I know Everlast also offers a machine torch at I believe 20’ but I want a hand torch because I will still be doing some freehand cutting.

Also as a side note the Canadian Everlast site lists the length as 4m (a little over 13’) I assume this is a mistake or are us Canadians being jipped a foot? Lol


I have a 62i as well as a few others…I am also Canadian…in Ottawa.
so I had the hand torch set up…but went and bought the machine torch also…the reason I have both…I prefer to have the machine torch fixed to the table…that way I am only changing out the couple of connections on the machine and not having to pull the torch out of the support and undoing the clamp screws for the hand torch…
This also allows me to move my torch around the shop and free hand cut when and where I want.

13…14 feet…not something to worry about.

the machine torch also puts a little less stain on the THC module and helps a bit with keeping everything level.

start with the hand torch…then later get the machine torch…I did that for about the first 4 months…nothing wrong with it.

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Awesome thanks for the feedback and setting my mind at ease. I’ll do just as you said and start with the hand torch. I told myself if I can get enough side business with this setup I will eventually upgrade to a Hypertherm that’ll stay with the table and the Everlast will be my go to for in the shop/field

you might be very pleased with the 62i…it works well with the table

I started with a 60s. Good machine still have it. I replace it with a hypertherm 85. The main difference is I use 1/10 of consumables and that hypertherm is quiet and the Everlast is super loud and the fan never shuts off. IMG_20210201_050426 I think this picture of electrode difference speaks volumes.

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The numbers printed on the sides of those machines will not allow you to compare hypertherm to an Everlast.
I would take about 30% off that and that’s probably true on the Everlast.
Check out this 45 XP, millions would argue but I would say this is comparable power to the 62i, real world.
Hypertherm 45 at KMS