CAD/CAM Difference?

My new laptop finally got here yesterday so going to download software and start playing around designing before my PRO gets here sometime in August.

Looking at the forum there is a category for FUSION 360 - CAM and another one for FUSION 360 - CAD

Reading through a couple threads on both, I am a little fuzzy on what the different role each plays in the process.

Can someone help with a quick simple explanation for the newest of newbies on here?

Cad is used for the design part of the process. Programs like Fusion360 will allow you to create 2d sketches that can then be sent to a CAM software. The cam software takes your 2d sketch and creates the g-code needed by your crossfire to tell the torch where to cut as well as other instructions.

Fusion360 can do both CAD & CAM. When I first got the crossfire I used Fusion for everything, since then I’ve switched to Sheetcam for the CAM portion.


So if I understand correctly.
Design the part with CAD, Send it to CAM which converts it to the G-code needed for the machine and then it’s ready to cut right? Assuming at this point I will use FIRECONTROL to run the program (program cut paths, start, stop, pause, etc.)

Yup, once you design the part and run it through the cam software of your choice - the output will be what you load into Firecontrol.

Here is our primer on the software workflow although everyone here has it right:


PERFECT! Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for posting the link.

I would have eventually found it but appreciative of how willing everyone here to help. Feeling really good about my decision to buy Langmuir with all the support that I am finding!!

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Designed my first part last night. Just a simple 1.5" gusset with 3 holes and rounded corners but got me familiar with the software and the workflow. Tried to load it into Firecontrol to see what happens next but without the table I was unable to play around with it (unless I was doing something wrong)

Next thing I would like to do is design a sign with a name on it. Obviously I won’t be creating letters but did not see anything that jumped out at me where I could import/upload different fonts.

You wont be able to open firecontrol without the table hooked up to your computer.

As for fonts you would need to use the text prompt in Fusion. It uses any fonts installed on your machine. There are thousands of fonts online that you can download and install. If you do happen to install a font, make sure fusion is closed. When you open it back up (after you install the font) you’ll be able to select the font.

Once you have the text that you want typed out in Fusion, sized correctly and positioned correctly, you need to right click on the font and click explode text. Play around with that and get familiar with it.

As always if you have any questions, let us know.

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