Burrs on cuts when cutting aluminum

Hey ive just started getting my crossfire xr dialed in and the main issue im having currently is when cutting aluminum (.80) it leaves small burrs inside every cut. Its somewhat easy to scrape off but when theres complicated pieces with many cuts it will take forever to clean up all the edges and would slow down production. Looking for any tips to clean these out quickly, ive tried a cheap sand blast gun but didnt work at all.

Let me know what you guys have found


have you by any chance tried the little magnifying glass top right of the screen…?

if you type in aluminum cutting…or your plasma cutter with the word aluminum you might find everyhting you are looking for…

it also looks like you need to adjust your lead-in and lead-out to avoid the little divots on your stars…

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Aluminum is just a messy material to cut and clean up. It always leaves some level of dross that would chip off of steel, but is welded to the part on aluminum.

I’ve found that a random orbit sander with 120grit will get rid of most of it, after I remove the larger pieces with pliers. That introduces another problem of the swirl marks from the sander, but it isn’t a problem if you are painting it. You could probably regrain it with a surface conditioning tool with a scotch brite wheel.