Budget Plasma Cutter Before Crossfire Purchasde

Hi All,

Planning a Crossfire purchase in future, but want to get familiar with plasma cutting. I plan to use occasionally mostly for light fabrication to support automotive projects, maybe some signage and some other light duty stuff.

In any event, I am on a budget as I cannot see spending thousands at this point for a cutter for my limited use. I’m sure that may change longer-term. So I want to purchase a compatible, budget cutter and understand that low frequency units are necessary. I have been comparing 2:

PrtimeWeld CUT50DP (I leaned of this moldel in this forum)

SunGoldPower CUT50L (I spied a video by Dr. D-Flo where this was used as a replacement cutter after the original caused interfence with another table he was constructing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cphSv-c2jsI&t=99s

Any experiences/help on this or other recommendations are greatly appreciated

as long as the budget plasma does not have high frequency start and has blowback starting you should be fine.
the only limitation you might find is the duty cycle (run time) before the plasma needs to cool down internally.

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PrimeWeld CUT60 and never look back! :rofl:


the cut50dp is high frequency which is bad for the electronics. Go with the cut60. Easy to set up on this table.

Probably more than I want to spend.

Are you saying that the CUT50DP is not compatible? I got the model from these forums as it was mentioned as a unit being used with the Crossfire.

idk where you saw that but it’s not compatible. only the cut60. Plus, it’s cheaper than getting a hypertherm at a couple thousands. don’t cheap out on the cutter to save a few $. the CUT60 is a great cutter for the money.

from Primeweld website on CUT50DP page:

PrimeWeld incorporates a high-frequency, no-touch arc starting system for the CUT50DP 50 amp plasma cutter

Yup, as @nicaDd said. Immediately you get Plasma in the shop, you’ll want to do more and more. Start off with a good, compatible plasma.


Primeweld Cut60 is what a lot of us use with great success. $675, you can get $25 off coupon from Primeweld signing up on email. You won’t find a cheaper plasma with the support, warranty and easily accessible consumables along with a CNC ready port.


Thanks for clearing that up. So, possible mis-information re CUT50 here in forum where DP was suggested. Now wondering if the CUT50L from SunGoldPower would work technically.

idk but don’t expect too much help with it since i doubt anyone here has that cutter. Plus since it doesn’t have a CPC port, you’ll have to hard wire everything from the inside. Another challenge if you’re not savvy with electronics and wiring.

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