Budget Advice Needed

I would appreciate some honest feedback for the equipment that goes with the table purchase, ie, compressor, plasma cutter.

I understand all the advise that you “need” this compressor and that cutter but I’m very limited on budget. I can purchase the table but these 2 items will be purchased on credit and I can’t spend another $2500 -$3000 right now. So what are the limits on what I can get away with until I generate some income. In other words if I am only cutting up to 3/16 or less and not making cuts that are long, what is adequate. I’m not trying to go cheap and cut 1" and I’m willing to go somewhere in the middle.

So what is your experience with “less than recommended” equipment? Specific items helpful but specs will do.

I’m ready to call and order this thing!

Thanks for any advise you can offer.

i got a Harbor freight 29 gallon compressor (belt driven) and the Primeweld CUT60 and they work great together on the OG crossfire and now with the PRO.

Got the compressor used at a pawn shop for $150 but new they are around $350. Cutter was $650 and has 3 yr warranty. If you have paypal credit, you can buy the cutter on ebay and use paypal credit to pay it off within 6 months.

I would say stick with a belt driven compressor with whatever brand you get. and also, add on an aftercooler to it to minimize moisture in the tank.

I got the viper 30i with my first table. still going strong a year and a half later. Some on here are against razor 30 and 45. Mine hasnt givin me no problems . I got a 60 gallon compressor on sale a few years back at a farm supply store for 350 regularly about 500. Its all about what you can afford. Rather than buy the cheapest stuff and have to upgrade sooner than you want, go medium or the best and you wont regret it later. You can find some good deals on your local craigslist/ swap shops, market spaces… paper?

OP If I were you I would hold off buying the table for a several months and buy the plasma and compressor first then save up some more money to buy the CNC table. I would suggest looking on the classifieds for used industrial quality compressors and good quality plasma cutter. From experience no matter what brand smaller plasma you buy you will eventually wish you bought a bigger one.

@f150skidoo has a valid point, but it sounds like you want to be in a money making situation as a result of this purchase. If that is the case, and you cited the proper criteria for what you want to enter this ‘fray’ with, I’d recommend looking around for a used CF since many will be available now that CF Pro is being delivered and then going with a reliable, but low cost Plasma Cutter, and a GOOD air supply - that is key, I’ve found. You should probably plan on doing some work to create dry air (look at copper pipe driers, they’re entirely manual, but effective), look on Craigslist for 8-9 SCFM@90 PSI minimum compressor. If you have this then tank size (IMO) is probably less important. I think there are some good sources on this forum for advice on a cutter, but don’t just go cheap, find something that you can use quality consumables. @mechanic416 has no shortage of advice in this area :wink: and the advice is reliable.

Good luck. Post where you’re located (generally speaking) and I’ll bet there are some CF Pro users who would love to sell you their old one!

I’m in Apple Valley CA, in the High Desert. Luckily that means low humidity most of the time. I’ve seen weeks in a row where it’s below 15%.

Along with the other suggestions, you should budget for wiring 240V to wherever you’re going to do this. You’ll need it for a good plasma or compressor.

It will be in my garage, I have already installed a sub panel for my welders, heater, etc.

Well the deal is done, ordered today!

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