Brush gaurd for compact tractor

I was doing a bunch of brush mowing and put a stick through my grille, time for an upgrade to the brush front. I decided that it should be a retro front like my dads old AR, this compact tractor and the AR have the same HP. What once was a legit farm machine, is now a hot rod lawn mower.

It really took a painful amount of time to get all the angles right to make it match the stock bumper. Also the hood line had to blend facing the front to give the optical illusion of it being the actual front of the tractor.

I am really happy how it turned out! It was worth the time.

Here I am dry fitting it to figure out how to mount it. There was a bunch of steps I should of took photos of that would show me failing miserably. The first time i cut it out, wrong dimensions by a few mm everywhere.

Then Paint! I hate painting, as soon as i can see the CAD coming to life i rush, and smear a bit. Fixed it all later with an artists brush.

The final product. Looking straight on resembles an old AR heading your way! No more chance of sticks in the grille!

Still so pumped to have this plasma table!

I get all excited just like when i was assembling the crossfire in the living room every time i make a new project.


We are just a bunch of grown up Lego kids here lol Looks really good.


“Lego Kids” You got that right, my favourite toy of all time! Such a versatile learning tool. :slight_smile:

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