Break in download on the Crossfire

Is there a break in program for the crossfire basic? The one I’m trying to run is Gen2+Crossfire-break in-V1.6. When I attempt to execute an error, message occurs stating the “G Code motion target exceeds machine travel”. Not sure what to do or is it necessary to use it.

I see that most posts are running the break in for the XL or PRO. I guess I downloaded the wrong link or since I can jog my machine around the table the break in is not necessary. My assumption anyway.

I would assume you can say that. The break in just jogs diagonally. That is mainly to check for binding issues. A little light weight oil, wd, 3 in 1 or silicone spray is your lead screws friends.


This has been a problem since the introduction of limit switches. The problem is that people don’t understand the difference between the machine zero “home” and the work zero location.

The “home” position is the upper left of the work area.

The break in program was written to run from the lower left corner. If you try to run it from the “home” position, the program is off the table.

You need to jog the torch to the lower left corner of the table and hit the “zero all axis” button for the work zero.

This same principle applies to any cuts you will do. You have to zero the work axis to the place where you want your program to start.


Thank You.

Did exactly as you said. Disabled the limit switches, sent the x and y to the other side of the table and set the x and y to work zero. The break in worked perfectly. Well, on to the next step of hooking up the plasma and a whole new adventure. Appreciate the help.