Brand new USB cable and computer not reconizing crossfire box

I have a new USB cable and the ports on my computer work for my mouse…
Any suggestions why my computer isn’t registering anything. The crossfire program won’t connect the fire control software

Is the device driver for FireControl installed?

do you have a legacy table using mach3 or a newer table that uses firecontrol? the 2 are not interchangeable.

you’ve been a member since 2018 so I’m assuming you have a legacy table unless you upgraded your control box to use firecontrol.

Thank you!! A former employee was running it since 2018. I am still learning…
I will try to decide if I should upgrade
Many thanks!

Assuming you don’t have the staff to add your own THC system, then upgrade will be the only way to add THC to your system. That should only be necessary if your sheet goods are warped (curved), or if you cut material less than 11Ga IMO.

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