Brand new still in it's box complete kit. UK only


Hi all.

Is anyone in the UK looking for a Crossfire table?

I have a brand new still in it’s shipping box.

Extras, water table, XL expansion kit, THC Z axis upgrade kit, brand new Hypertherm Powermax 45xp with machine torch and CPC port, all cables to connect the Hypertherm to control unit and machine torch upgraded holder.

Plans changed which means we’re now looking for a allot bigger table.

DM me if you’re interested.

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Hi I am new to the Langmuir forum. Is your machine still available? If so how much are you selling it for?

Just noticed this post.
Dont suppose its still available?
Cants seem to send a PM.

Sorry guys I missed both posts too!
Yes still available.

Hi Pgtips If you still have the table i would be interested to talk to you about it. Please DM me as I don’t think I can send DM’s yet??

Best regards



If you still have it, please respond to this or send me a dm. The shipping from US is outrageus… 1400$ just for the shipping.

Kind Regards

Sorry I missed this message. Yes still available