Brand New Crossfire + addons for sale - Chicago, IL

hello all,

I have a brand new crossfire + some add-ons for sale in chicago suburbs. Unfortunally its too expensive for me to wire a 220 plug to the garage as well as a baby on the way has really turned me around to having to sell it. I literally never cut with it yet. i have run the crossfire without firing and works perfect. i have it tuned in very well and it’s literally plug and play right now. I can also show you how to run it (without the cutter) but i can demo turning the cutter on and off for few seconds but won’t be able to cut due to requiring higher amp draw. Here is what the cutter comes with:

  1. Crossfire fully assembled brand new - $1295.95
  2. Plasma Cutter - Razorweld Razorcut 45 - $774.95
  3. Water table - $149.95
  4. shipping - 99.95
  5. Automatic water table fill and drain reservoir - around $700
  6. 20+ tips and full accessory bundle - $150

This unit cost me over 3k and not to mention my time putting this together and tunning it up. It’s up for sale and looking for 3k firm. It’s brand new, ready to use, plug and play and i can help guide you to get started using it. my loss your gain. buyer takes care of shipping or picking it up. It’s currently plugged in and can demo the machine for anyone interested.

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Shame to see you invest the time and money and put it together which some nice add-ons and not even get to enjoy using it.

I may be able to offer you an alternative depending on your situation. A 220v welding extension cord is far cheaper than hard wiring a 220 line. You can run it directly to the breaker or you can make an adapter for your clothes dryer assuming it isn’t gas.

You can make your own 50 foot cord for around $100-150 or buy a commercially made one for a little more.

You also may be able to take to Gamblegarage on the forum or direct to razorweld. explain your situation and see if there is any avenue for you to turn the cut 45 into a cut 30 that runs on 110.

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If the extension cord is a possibility, this is the one I use currently. I actually have been using my dryer plug with an adapter and have not had any problems and am aware of the risks.

Thank you @wharris7310 & @BrooklynBravest for the help with this but i’ve tested few avenues already and it’s quiet a bit of work to do even with just running an extension. Just unlucky with how my house was built. It’s definitely doable no argument there. but with a baby coming, extensive remodeling going on in the house racing before baby arrives and 0 time to spend on it, i think it’s best someone else takes it on that can make good use of it. i’m sad i didn’t get to enjoy it but it’s the best route for now, maybe in few years i’ll look back and regret it and get another one but at the moment it will just be sitting in the garage collecting dust.

I hear ya, well good luck on the sale .
You shouldn’t have any problems finding a new home for it.

Also, congrats on the new baby coming!!

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Hey @wharris7310 i’m now actually rethinking this and might get this extension cable instead. but i found a 75’ one for $200.

But will need to run it to the basement where the breaker is because i don’t have anything that takes 220 in the house. Does anyone know how to run it to the breaker? any good videos? instructions on that. I’m checking to see if my electrition will do it for cheap but he wanted $1500 to run it all the way to the garage to begin with, not sure how much cheaper this will be. But at least since i’m remodeling basement, i can run the cable myself and have him do the connection.

how far across the basement do you need to go? You could run 6g from breaker to closest place to garage, put an outside plug so you can just plug it in when you use it with an extension cord like shown. I know thats not the best but maybe work for your case.

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it’s around 60-70ft to where the machine is, so basically across the whole basement and from the basement i can drill a hole to the base of the garage wall and to the machine.

You going to have a bad time if using that plasma with an extension cord. It does not like the voltage drop and will not run on 110v
You need either a dual voltage 110/220 plasma or a plasma with a built in PFC. which before summer (hopefully very soon) the next Razorcut45 should have a built in PFC

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just to get a receptacle at the panel you need to add the breakers connecting to each leg of the panel. You cable whether it is going 3 feet below the panel or across the room all all the way to the garage.

I don’t suppose the basement has a drop ceiling in the basement. That makes running the cable a breeze and you should be able to get to garage easy.

Here is to hoping for a drop ceiling.

hi Mr G. Im currious. Why RW 45 wont work well off an extensioncord but the 30i or dual voltage will? Im sure many minds are wondering but afraid to ask. I have my 30i on a 60 ft extension cord and no problems with it cutting.

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You should be able to wire this fairly simply. If you are quite far from a panel, the wire can can cost you up to 75$ But I would drop an outlet right next to the panel from a breaker, and then you can drop your wire as an extension cord. I wouldn;t let the little one deter your plans. You do have to accommodate a new lifestyle - but, I wouldn;t give up the outfit. As for 220, worst case, sell the plasma cutter and buy 120/240 dual voltage unit. never the less , if you want to sell it, if should be fairly easy.

my breaker is around 75 feet to the garage where the machine is. I’m getting mixed reviews on the extension cord. it is a long extension cord, but couldn’t find out less than $200, not sure where you go $75 from, maybe for the wires instead of an actual extension cord?

Absolutely, you need to buy the wire and wire the terminals. This is cheaper than using an extension cord. It also allows you to size necessary for the voltage drop for your run. Even when using 110, one should use 12 guage 20amp wiring instead of a standard extension cord… You are just equivalating what would be in the wall if it were hardwired.

Normally a household dryer or oven will do fine on 10 gauge, However if you get more than 40 ft or so, I would up it to 8 gauge copper. But , i would think the plasma cutter would do fine with 10 gauge at 75 feet. But, to be safe, you could do the math on it… You can find a calculator online probably. I dont have the electrical specs for your cutter.

Simple, it doesn’t like the voltage drop.
If your outlet has a higher than normal input you might be able to get away with it.
And like I stated, dual voltage machines don’t have this issue because they can run on any voltage from 110 up to 220.
This isn’t just the RW45 it’s mostly any single voltage plasma cutter without a PFC. My Hobart 250ci wouldn’t work for more than a second on an extension cord either.

Ok I understand now . Thank you.

I may be interested, and I am in the Chicago area right now. Problem is I don’t have cash, but I could send it through paypal with a credit card. I’ll be here till noon on 4/5. email me:

hey dicky, just sent you an email. I’m free today until past 4:30 p.m. central but won’t be available tomorrow. so let me know if you can come see it today. there around 3 who are coming this weekend so i’m not sure if it will be available after this weekend

75’ 6AWG aluminum (using aluminum because it is cheaper) extension for 240v 50-amp should have a voltage drop of ~4.67volts or ~1.95%.

The same with copper should have a voltage drop of ~2.96 or ~1.23%. Heck even with 8AWG copper you are looking at only ~1.6% drop.

These voltage losses are negligiable and should not require any type of auto voltage technology, including PFC. If you have a plasma cutter that can not handle a 1.95% voltage drop over 75’ then you should get a new plasma cutter.

I built my own extension so I could run my 5kW spindle on my CNC. Just look at some Youtube videos on how to make your own.

Hope that helps.