Bolt pattern for feed nut

I’m adding a cable chain to control the wire for the x-axis stepper motor. I’d like to anchor it to the lead screw nut bracket near the back of the motor. Can someone tell me what the bolt pattern is for that bracket? I can’t measure it very well in place and I’d prefer not to disassemble the lead screw setup to measure it more exactly. I figure the Langmuir guys ought to have that info available in their blueprints.


Leon Corley

Do you got that structure of info?

I didn’t get anything official, but I believe the nuts are like this. The bolt pattern is a 20mm square. I was unable to use a cable chain because the wire from the control box is about 3" too short. Instead, I’m trying to make a shroud that will keep the wire away from the lead screw. I’m going to test fit it tomorrow. If it works out I’ll post some pix.