Blowout holes on titanium 45

Hi all, I’m running a titanium 45 & am having a problem with blowout holes at the start & stop of each cut. (16 ga cold rolled)

I’ve tried multiple speeds, delays, plunge times, amps, psi, etc.

The smallest hole is 1.77mm with the largest at 2.07.

I’ve tried probably 50 combinations of settings. I’ll attach the best I’ve gotten so far. All tested with a test spiral on 16 gauge cold rolled.

Any recommendations??? This is driving me nuts.

thats called a Pierce you will never get rid of it. Try lowering your pierce delay should make it smaller


You might want to look into this. X45 CNC or Hand Torch - Harbour Freight Titanium Plasma 45 TI-PC45 use – plasmadyn
This would give you the ability to use Hypertherm’s fine cut tips.
Plasma, waterjet and laser cutting systems from Hypertherm
When I’m cutting thin metal or designs with no lead in/out it’s about as clean as it can get.
For clarification: My machine is a Hypertherm 65 not a Titanium 45.
The Hypertherm consumables are top notch. If you can get your machine to run the consumables, it can only help your issue.

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Normally your going to need to do a lead in and out on your cuts so the ugly pierced spot is not in your product. However if you are cutting a line with no lead in then your going to have to speed up the pierce . Basically on thin metal its dang near like just going straight to cutting. Speed the pierce way up, you shouldn’t go over .5 for that metal. Increase the pierce speed way up, the longer that torch is fireing and above the metal its just melting out a big hole. Also for starting without leads you can drop the the torch down closer to the work pice on the pierce hight.

Try these settings an see if it gets you closer.


As mentioned, the one at the beginning can be reduced by reducing your pierce delay. 1 second is far too long for anything less than 1/4" steel.

The one at the end is likely because the Titanium plasma cutters shut off late. I don’t know why, but they keep burning for a fraction of a second after the command to shut off the torch. It’s long enough for it to create a 1/4" or longer cut on the rapid move to the next cut.