Blowin' and Goin'

I finally got all my ducks in a row and made my first cuts today. I still have the XL kit to install but that will go on later after I’ve had a chance to cut some metal.

I’m running a Lincoln Tomahawk 625 on my Crossfire that’s been modified before I even got it together. Specifically, I shortened the legs and installed 8" caster wheels on it because my cutting will be done out in the dirt and then the table gets rolled back into a storage shed. I also enlarged the pan drain hole to install a stainless 2" bar sink drain so not much water is left when I drain it, and completed the mods with a purchased laptop stand added to it.

So far everything has worked as expected from the gitgo, though after buying a newer Toughbook because the one I had wouldn’t support Firecontrol but the added touchscreen on it is really handy and worth the upgrade by itself.

Here’s one of my first 10 cuts in a quick video.

In my initial tests I was getting a bevel on one side of a cut and when manually firing the torch I noticed that the cone didn’t look symmetric so I changed out the electrode and nozzle. Then I made some perfect 90º cuts with no dross in probably 14ga mild steel (which is less than the charted minimum material thickness for the Tomahawk).

This thing is gonna be fun.


Congrats! Nothing like that first successful part.

I fired mine up for a friend’s project yesterday. It had been a few months and took me a bit to remember how to run all the various software, but we got it done.

I was actually apprehensive about it after reading the spectrum of problems on the boards here, but so far everything has worked just like it’s supposed to, right out of the box. It’s a breath of fresh air to see American manufacturing at the top of it’s game.

Most people who aren’t having issues won’t post “everything’s fine here, going good”. Forums tend toward revealing problems.

Yours is an uncommon post. Most everyone who had the same experience just continued on :slight_smile:

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