Blast media - Cast Zinc Shot Is it any good?

I am currently using Black Blast From Menards (box store in my area) and the dust that comes off it is horrible.

I got some literature at Fab tech a few years ago for Cast Zinc shot. I was wondering if anyone here has ever used it? its supposed to be low dust.

I will use it for stripping Powder Coat or rust clean up so I need something aggressive

I would like to hear what you guys think.

I personally try to avoid anything zinc these days anywhere near anything that’s going to get hot or melted. Just not worth the metal fever potential.

Black diamond (recycled glass from coal coker cleaning) has been a go to of mine for blasting mediums, depending on the severity of material removal required, or not.

Otherwise, I’d recommend a decently pure fine garnet as well, if you can find it. Used a lot for waterjets as their abrasive medium.

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Dont think I need to worry about heat while blasting :rofl:

It’s what gets imbedded that may melt / vaporize afterwards. Whatever metal contacts, you should assume SOME of it is going to stay behind.

Well that’s only if it’s heated. I would have to see some testing that had been done to show that there is enough that gets embedded to worry about.
And it’s not like I am welding 8 hours a day

And we all know what they say about assume!

I mean sure, but when it comes to zinc and metal fumes, it’s just not something that I am personally wanting to deal with. I don’t even cast brass anymore.

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As someone who has worked with molten brass in my home shop. Zinc fever is something to keep in mind but it’s not the bogyman that some online folks make it out to be. Keep the area ventilated and take some precautions (I use a respirator when dealing with molten zinc) and you should be fine. Where the horror stories come from are the welders that get into galvanized steel that their not warned about and they burn it for a bit with out proper ppe and get very sick. A few specks of zinc in a 3 yrd weld is not going to get you sick. As always use your PPE when welding, I know it’s not cool to weld with a respirator but it’s less cool to puke all the way to the ambulance.
this is just my $0.02 it’s not medical advise. You make your own decisions on safety for you.


Huh, I take zinc tablets through the winter never had a cold???

Do you inhale them???

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I welded for years without a respirator no galvanized other than cobbling up something for some that refused to do otherwise. Now I won’t weld period without one!


ha ha ha, no just chew em up…

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