Black Friday Sale?

Before I pull the trigger for a Crossfire Pro, Does Langmuir have a Black Friday Sale? Thanks!

They did in 2019 and that’s when I bough my CF. Saved a bunch (but I can’t recall the discount).

I can’t speak to a Black Friday sale, but there is a YouTuber who has a few Langmuir reviews and gives a discount code to save $100.

Thanks. I tried the discount and it still worked. I’m going to wait and see if they do Black Friday.

We wont be having a black friday sale on any of the plasma tables, as has always been our policy for backordered items. But the arcflat products are in stock and we will be holding a black friday sale for those.


Thanks for letting me know. Time to pull the trigger.

Placed my order today!


Count me in too, been waiting to order an arc flat!!

Was there a coupon code?

No coupon code was mentioned.

Oh I see, the Black Friday for the arc flats hasn’t started. You were talking about ordering a table.

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I think he is actually pretty known around here and is very knowledgeable of the plasma/cnc world :+1:

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