Biggest single piece yet

This is my biggest cut yet. 48 inches long. 287 pierces and 1,715 inches of cutting. It’s getting a hot rolled steel border and textured black plastic backing. Font was not a stencil font, I used the font the customer liked and bridged every letter to optimize for the size they wanted.

image image image


well done…looks great…

Amazing! Please tell me what your amp, ipm and overlap is!!??

Hypertherm 45xp. Book specs for fine cut low speed. 40 amps 130 ipm. .5 or .6 pierce delay, .125 lead in, no lead out.

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VERY nice!!

Great piece! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

I like that font! Which one is it?

It’s a google font, Carter One. But I modified it myself to bridge the letters.