Bigdaddy2166 New Bambu X1 Carbon

This is the box and the lid plus some plugs if you don’t need some of the holes. It does take a bit of time (this was set for high strength):

Outside electrical_boxSideReceptacle Plug.f3d (502.9 KB)

Here is the original box. Two hours was a pretty good guess (Tom) Edit: Sticks had the good guess. I think you have done some 3D printing before!

Outside electrical_box v4.step (214.8 KB)

I should note, this original box was downloaded from It was not my design and the cover is very well designed.


I have, on a Prusa 3 and an Elegoo Mars Pro, both of which are a lot slower than yours, but it was @Sticks who guessed 2 hours… :slightly_smiling_face:


You would be surprised how stiff and strong even a 25% cubic infill is. 5 to 6 walls and 25% is about all the higher I will go.


I had one of the boxes split when I riveted the receptacle to the side. After that, I increased the strength and increased the rivet hole. It was the holes near the opening (where the lid/cover goes) that were the problem.

I need to learn/edit specific layers for this strength rather than apply over the entire object.


Cost: $1, selling them for $50. I don’t know how I got along without this device.

If they want their name in it $100


No dross nor bevel to worry about either.

Ummm… What is it?

When Tracker ships a 19’ or a 17.5 aluminum boat, it comes with a $50 depth finder. Well, these guys want the $3000 fishfinder, and this plate covers the holes and old screw holes that Tracker put in the dashboard. The large dept-finder mounted on a large plastic ball that would mount on this plate. It’s ABS and tough as hell. On the first try, I got some white residue on the face but figured out I needed to let it cool first.


Perfect application.

With the golf cart conversion my son-in-law has done, he wanted me to make a metal plate to fill the void of the old charging port. I made one but it did not fit quite right. Now that I have the 3D printer, I could make a perfect patch but just haven’t got a “Round2It.”

It doesn’t take long to figure out all the creative solutions this device afford you. Crazy, wonderful thing.

Now we wait for an affordable 3D metal printer! :wink:


Seems like your Muskrats would find that tasty… :thinking:

Train them to eat that too and you’ll get a lot of resales! :rofl:


I think the printing should be in a lighter, contrasting color (since you’ve got this 300 color printer anyway).


I agree, but they all want black.

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3d printing is also good for prototypes for fit and design before final metal production.


Henry Ford “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black ,”

giphy (2)


I just watched this yesterday. You’re on it.

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Needs UL/CSA embossed on the inside.


I might as well add “Patent pending 23456chelanjima1c” :rofl: