Big welder usefull still?

I have from my last business a c
Big AC/DC 250 amp welder we used to use for tig welding. I see now they have little inverter tig welders that are 250a too and I wonder if this is just scrap metal now or it it still of value for something I’m not considering? It weighs about 700lbs and it takes a 90amp circuit to run it.

It still welds right? :slightly_smiling_face:

Inverter ones are smaller & lighter and do have some features (like advanced AC pulse) and really low amp capabilities (like 3A) but unless you’re welding razor blades you can do with the big one what you can do with the newer inverter ones.

Sure it does it’s the size of a small puckup truck though. Heh

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The newer and more compact welders are very convenient. My father has some Old very large welders and they just sit in the corner. the newer ones we use are just easier to move around and use not to mention there is a noticeable difference in the power bill using the inverter machines. not to mention you definitely dont need a 90amp circuit to run them!!
Just my $.02

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Kind of sad when that happens. But once you go to an inverter machine the big old welders seem like dinos :slightly_smiling_face:

Not that everyone needs to run out and spend thousands on a new box but if you do the old one is going to get dusty.

I wonder though if the big welders aren’t a lot more robust. Seems to ne that inverter one spark away from fried. I wonder how long the inverter units are good for. This welder is 30 years old and aside for a missing knob I know it could make a boxcar glow red without it burning up

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Good question. One advantage of the big transformer machines is their bigness - they have room for very robust sized components as well as big fans for heat removal. The inverters don’t have that kind of room. Of course the solid state components are smaller & more energy (heat) efficient but no idea what the long term longevity experience is going to be.

Yep. The advantage of those transformer machines is they are bulletproof. We had a Lincoln in our welding school that was 50+years old and still welding like a champ

I run a Miller dialarc250 ac-dc hf with a water cooled torch. Had it up to 390amps on 1/2" aluminum the other day.