Beware Plasma Diesease

When I was making Custom Furniture my wife told people that I had the “Wood Workers Disease”. Now she says that I have a Plasma Disease! I spent so much time in the barn doing projects on the Pro that she asked me if I was going to move out there!:crazy_face: So after a few weeks I put this together. I think I saw something similar some where? But feel free to copy. Print it, put it in a frame and hang it on your " I love me wall "! Come on, everyone has one!!

Welcome to the Forum! Beware! Plasma Project Disease, Adult males very susceptible, Symptoms’; continual complaint as to the need for a constructive hobby, Blank expressions, sometimes deaf to kids and wife, Always haunts garage or work shop, wont do work around house, Has nose in Plasma Cutting software and designing projects, the need to share information on the Forum. There is NO KNOWN CURE, the DISEASE NOT FATAL… Victim should design and cut projects as often as possible. Have fun!!