Bevel on bottom and left of plasma ark

When my part is on the bottom and/or to the right of the plasma ark it makes a terrible bad bevel. RazorWeld45 very dry and plenty of air at factory suggested psi. All consumables from mechanic416. 1/4” carbon steel@ 20ipm (does the same at other speeds)

If it cuts square on other places on the table than chances are its not plasma/ consumable related. My first thought would be not having enough slack in in the overhead torch lines, causing the torch to cant at the bottom or the right side of the table

Edit: May have misread your post, if so sorry. Have you tried flipping the swirl ring?

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Any suggestions helps. Plenty of slack throughout the toolpath. I have flipped the swirl ring a few times. Start out good then started back to beveling on the same sides too lol.

I read something about the cut direction, something about counter clockwise and clockwise for inside or outside cuts but it didn’t make sense to me bc cutting a circle would not work

what post processor are you using sheetcam or fusion360?
because in sheetcam you can change direction when you set up your tools and also when you select your tool…

Cut direction is important. When cutting a circle what matters is what side of the circle you want to have as your part. If your cutting a circle as your part than thats on outside tollpath. If you part has a circle that you are removing from it than its an id cut

Oh yea i understand the inside and outside. I guess i worded it bad. I meant, i read that the swirl ring can determine what side cuts better… but im cutting washers so id and od dimensions are irrelevant. Idk this is hard and call me old fashion but id much rather just call a human and TALK about it lol so if someone can point me to a service like that id be very great full.

Also i really do appreciate the help. Im still all ears on the forum but its just slow. Thank yall

Im using sheetcam

when you go to “operation” and select plasma cut a screen pops up “jet cutting”
you will see
click “reverse cut direction”…

Ok thanks ill try that tonight or tomorrow.