Bevel cut on one side

I have read through a lot of forums but it seems to mainly focus on the PRO. I read about the steps for squaring but feel like I am misunderstanding. Anyone have a video or better explanation? I have flipped the swirl cup and changed consumables as well as messed with PSI, amps, and speed.

What brand plasma cutter are you using, is torch a machine or hand torch, how thick of material you are cutting, cam software you are using if sheet Cam make sure you have reverse cut box checked.
Have you checked actual cut height of torch with feeler gauge, do you have sufficient air supply to torch all these have a factor on bevel. You will always have bevel on one edge, but it will be dam near zero once you have everything dialed in and adjusted.

Primeweld Cut 60, gone from 50 to 90 PSI, Fusion360, 1/8" Alum, about 3/32" cut height. On a new note I noticed that the plasma does come out a lil crooked from the machine torch; too many amps for the tip maybe?

Cut height to high, you want .060 cut height.