Bevel along y axis

I just setup my pro and I’m getting a beveled cut along the y axis. The bevel is the same on both sides of the rectangle part. The cuts a perfect along the x axis. (due to LS instructions on squaring to slats.)

check swirl ring in torch…flip it over…try that first…the go into your post processor and reverse cut direction…

Do the bevels point in the same direction (ie, left to right) or are they mirrored on the left and right sides of a cutout?

If they’re pointing in the same direction, then your gantry or torch mount is tilted side to side. If they’re mirrored (ie, both point inward near the bottom of the cut, but your X move cuts are clean, then its probably your consumables or you’ve crushed your cup by overtightening the torch holder.

I just gave this a shot and its slightly better but still off. Thanks for getting me in the right direction.

they point in the same direction. Is there and adjustment for this? (Gantry or torch?

There might be, but time to ask @langmuirsystems. They would have a recommendation.

Thanks for your help Tom!